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Call: 631-474-8981


The 564 Upright Measuregraph Machine is an upright fabric measuring and inspection machine. This model is the most common and reliable machine used in the Industry. The 564 is used for “roll to roll” which is rolling one tube of fabric onto another tube to measure the goods. It is also most commonly used for double folding fabric using special attachments to fold fabric in half (ex. 72” to 36. 72”). This machine is perfect for tight and precise rolls and measurements; it has many ways to create tension on the fabric to ensure a tight roll but also the ability to inspect the goods for quality control. 

The 564 Upright comes in different sizes based upon your fabric lengths: 60” , 72” , 84” and custom built 120” machines are available. The width of these machines is 34” which makes it optimal for space saving. These machines are the most reliable with the most parts available for service and repair. Each machine sold by Ricks Measuring Machines Inc is refurbished in a “like-new” condition.

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