Call: 631-474-8981

Call: 631-474-8981

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Rick’s Measuring Machine Service, Inc. has been in business for over 35 years, servicing customers from the east coast, west coast, mid-west, and other countries around the world. We are a family owned and operated business that includes my son Rick, my daughter Jaclyn, and my wife Josephine. We are a service business that buys, sells, exports, moves, and refurbishes textile machines such as upright roll-to-roll machines, inspection tables, swatch cutting machines, etc… We offer customized service contracts that best fit the maintenance for your machines and business. Thank you for contacting Rick’s Measuring Machine Services, Inc. We look forward to connecting another thread in this resilient fabric industry.


Servicing, Repairing, Virtual Repair, Moving, Exporting, and Sales of Measuring and Swatch Cutting Machines. Domestic and Worldwide Service Available!

VersatileRick makes it easy for you, He will travel to your location,  you can send him your machine or parts for repair, or if possible, He will repair them with you virtually via Facetime or zoom. All of his work is done to get your machine up and running as promptly as possible and correctly, without cutting corners.  

Meticulous – Rick and the family make sure that each aspect of your machine repair, machine purchase, or service contract is handled with precision and quality. Every invoice, contract, and tax information is handled in the most professional manner by the operations manager Josephine. Josephine previously worked for a law firm and is proficient in making sure everything is correct in every aspect for the customer. Rick and his son Rick jr make sure that every repair, part, and the refurbished machine is handled with the utmost care and respect. They both take pride in their work and aim to please their customers. 

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Sales, Service, Repair, Moving, Import and Export of All Textile Machines