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Call: 631-474-8981


Tabletop Machine

This is a tabletop measuring and inspection machine used for roll-to-roll. It has a front take-up drive with three rubber roller bars that roll the fabric toward the operator. Fabric rolls of all sizes and weights can be used as this machine contains a rear cradle. The cradle is connected to the machine with rolling bars and roll guides that allow the fabric to move freely without tension while staying in place. There are two versions of cradles available based on your needs.


  1. Manual cradle – cradle is just rolling bars allowing the fabric to move freely when being rolled.
  2.  Forward / Reverse motorized cradle – this cradle has rolling bars but also two rubber roller bars attached to the motor for reverse and forward capabilities when inspecting or for precise measurements. 


The tabletop machine includes a counter inspection assembly for yardage. This measures the fabric in yards as the roll is being rolled. These machines come in the following sizes 60” and 72” in length. These machines also have the ability to have different widths for function and inspection capabilities. The short bed 60” or 72” is ( insert width of the table ) or full size ( insert table width). As with every machine from Ricks Measuring Machines Service Inc, This machine is refurbished in a “like-new” condition. References are available upon request.


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