Call: 631-474-8981

Call: 631-474-8981


Rick’s Measuring Machines has imported and exported machines all over the United States and numerous countries around the world. When a machine can’t be delivered by Rick and the Team themselves, Rick can send it right to you, ready to be used. 

Many times these machines are put in trucks but also moved around numerous times during the shipping process. To ensure that our machines arrive to you unscathed and ready for operation, a fully enclosed crate is strongly recommended.

No matter the size or type of machine, a handcrafted crate is created to best protect and secure your product. The crating process is as follows:

  1. The machine is recorded, showing it rolling and working correctly in the “like new” condition.
  2. The machine is then wrapped.
  3. The Machine is placed and secured in the base of the crate.
  4. The crate is then fully enclosed.
  5. Label and writing is completed on the crate itself.
  6. The crate is ready to be loaded by Rick at his shop.

With the continuing flux in pricing with lumber, crate prices depend on the price and size needed for your machine. Rick does not have his own shipper and gives that responsibility to his customers. 

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